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We appreciate your patience whilst we work to bring in stock to satisfy the huge surge in demand we have experienced.

This beautiful artwork, Walking In The Rain by Helkoryo, is now available exclusively through Diamond Art Studio UK Ltd. This design has a huge amount of colours compared to a lot of other kits. Whilst we have made every effort to avoid symbols too similar, compromises have had to be made so more concentration than normal may be required. Recommended for experienced diamond painters.

Due to the amount of colours, a digital rendering has not been possible, therefore the schematic has been uploaded to assist with detail clarification.

To see more work by Helkoryo visit her social media and Etsy store linked below:

Facebook Page

Etsy Store

  • Full Drill Diamond Painting Kit
  • Available in size 60x80cm. Size is actual design size.
    • 192 total colours.
  • Included in the box:
    • High Quality Short Lint Canvas with poured glue.
    • Resin Drills.
    • Premium Tool Kit consisting of a pen with grip, multiplacer tip, tray, needle point tweezers and sealable blue wax supplied as standard.
    • Label Sticker Sheet
  • Option to remove Tool Kit altogether, or just have wax supplied.

Walking In The Rain

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Additional information


60x80cm Square Drill

5 reviews for Walking In The Rain

  1. Jennoula (verified owner)

    This was my very first high colour count kit and I absolutely loved every moment of this gorgeous confetti challenge, the bright colours really popped and the finished piece is just stunning!

  2. Josiane (verified owner)

    This canvas is gorgeous. I couldn’t decide which to start working on first, this one or Outside the Sweet Shop. Finally after 15 minutes, I left it to chance and flipped a coin. Whoever purchases this one, will not be disappointed. That goes with all the Helkoryo’s. Kudos to this shop. 👍

  3. Tracey Jordan (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this kit! After completing outside the sweetshop this was a must to add to my collection! Can’t wait to see more high colour kits from this artist!

  4. Christy (verified owner)

    What a beautiful canvas the quality is amazing and one thing I absolutely love is the extra stickers for organizing diamonds I am just getting started and am very excited to finish. Great job

  5. Ell (verified owner)

    Love this piece! My biggest and most colour count to date. I definitely struggled with the kitting up as there was a considerable amount of static but patience prevailed! I have started in the bottom right corner and am loving it so far. Can’t wait until this is done so I can snag the other three Helkoryo’s.

    Also super quick postage and the packaging is great. Would 100% recommend.

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