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These kits are ‘WONKY’. Less than perfect, therefore available at a reduced price, but still totally workable! Could be minor canvas creases or box damage.

Introducing a brand new concept for a Christmas Advent! Our very own Christmas kit!

If you are a verified owner of the kit, you can obtain downloadable charts from the link below. The email address used to order, and the 5 digit order number, is required to obtain access.


Full Drill Diamond Painting Kit

  • Available in size 45x50cm. Size is actual design size.
    • 37 total colours, including 4 AB colours.
    • 36,381 total drills.
  • Included in the product:
    • High Quality Short Lint Canvas with poured glue.
    • Resin Drills.
    • Premium Tool Kit consisting of a pen with grip, multiplacer tip, tray, needle point tweezers and sealable blue wax supplied as standard.
    • Label Sticker Sheet
    • 25x mini charts / patterns to follow
  • Option to remove Tool Kit altogether, or just have wax supplied.

This is a very unusual concept project. You are provided everything required to complete the kit. It would be appealing for anyone wanting to look at a cross stitch conversion. This is a mystery kit – all designs are festive in nature.

Each envelope contains a chart.
Your canvas has ‘doors’ outlined with pre-printed symbols.
Select any ‘door’ on the canvas and fill in by using the pattern on the chart.
Each chart is the same size and will fit in any of the ‘doors’.
We kindly ask that you do not share the completed stages on social media until after the respective day of Advent.
We will create a daily post in December on our Facebook page for you to share your progress.
We hope you enjoy this new challenge!

Merry Christmas!

Below are some links to some YouTube videos in case you wish to get a closer look before deciding if this is the right project for you.


WONKY Christmas Kit – Mystery Advent


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