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My drills are all upside down in the tray, how do I get them the right way up?

After pouring the drills into the tray, gently shake from side to side and they should flip themselves over. Repeat the process as necessary.

My pen isn’t picking up the beads. What do I do?

Make sure you have loaded the tip with wax (note that there is a protective cover on the wax so you need to peel this off first). You may find that after a while you need to reload your pen. You can either immediately reload, or pull out the old wax using the tip of the tweezers first.

I get aches from leaning over and working on these paintings. What can I do to prevent this?

You can order desk top easels online, or for the true diamond addict, drafting tables to angle the work towards yourself. This should relieve a lot of the aches as you aren’t stretching over as far. A comfortable chair is also beneficial. Make sure you take lots of breaks to stretch your muscles.

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I’m struggling to see the canvas symbols, what can I do?
One of the best accessories you can purchase for diamond painting is a light pad. Turn it on and place it underneath the area you are working on. This should make the symbols a lot clearer to see. However if you are working on areas where the colours are light, this may be more of a hindrance so look for a light pad with several brightness settings.
How do I frame my finished pieces?

There are many different ways to frame these kits.

  • Stretcher Bars
  • Custom Frames
  • Poster Frames
  • Scroll frames
What do I do with all the finished kits? I’m out of wall space.

This is a common issue for lots of people. If you wish to keep them, you can purchase an art folder with sleeves to protect them. Alternatively, you may wish to gift to friends or family. Donate to local hospitals or care homes to brighten their walls. Or even donate them to charity for fundraising purposes.

I have accidentally got paper stuck to my canvas. Is it ruined?
Fortunately not. Use baby wipes or wet wipes to gently wipe off the paper. Leave the area to dry and the stickiness should return.