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Andrea Tramutolo

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Andrea Tramutolo is a professional artist and wildlife photographer currently living in Long Island, New York. Andrea’s style has evolved into a unique combination of abstraction and realism, using mostly deep blues and purples to evoke emotion and tell a story. She paints mostly animals and weaves deep symbolism within her paintings. Andrea often uses her art to raise awareness for animals that are endangered and donates proceeds from her sales to causes that support the conservation of the environment and wildlife. She uses her own wildlife photography as inspiration for her art and takes pictures of a variety of wildlife. The essence of her works is to remind people of the power and beauty that lives within them and to always keep sight on their destiny.


Anna Collier

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Anna Collier is a full time, professional artist living in rural Wiltshire, South West England. She is fascinated by the light and dark that exists in all of us, in her work she seeks to find a balance and represent both, to find that sweet spot that exists somewhere in between. Twilight, moonlight, glowing stars or rays of sunshine filtering through clouds, trees or water all have that special kind of magic that she strives to capture and bring to you. Originally from the deep forests of northern Sweden, she is very much inspired by the magic of nature and the critters who dwell there. Usually created with vibrant colours and a distinct painterly style, her works are made to be gems for the home. Occasionally she will also produce figurative works inspired by the divine feminine, which aim to capture that feeling we get when we immerse ourselves in mother nature and the spiritual healing we can find there. Her works are ethereal, enchanting and always brimming with magick.

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Art By KayleighB

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I am a self taught artist who works mainly with coloured pencils and acrylic paints. I have always had an interest in art and drawing, however, as it does, life became too hectic and busy to keep up with it after school. Due to a number of health problems, I had to leave work as a full time mental health nurse at 33 and got back into drawing in 2018 for something to occupy my time and rediscovered my love for art and creating that I had forgotten I had.

Art to me is all about being able to let my mind roam and create something visually appealing from the images I see in my head.  My work ranges from realistic, detailed drawings of animals and people, to surreal, dreamlike images inspired by myths, legends, fairytales and old stories of Gods, Monsters and Magic. I hope that the works I produce will evoke the feelings of childlike wonder and belief in the unbelievable that most of us have lost as adults in our modern, mundane, routine filled world. 

I enjoy playing with colour and light to create a feeling of magic and discovery, and have also created some colouring pages of some of my pieces to engage people and get them creating for themselves.


Eszter Anna Vörös EYCIIR

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I am Eszter Anna Vörös, a self-taught painter and nature lover from Hungary, active since 2014. I have always been drawn to the fantasy genre and I have always loved the outdoors and animals, so it is no surprise most of my works are nature/animal related with a hint of spirituality and surrealism. I mostly work with acrylic paint on various surfaces: stretched canvas, canvas panel, wood and even denim. My brand name, “EYCIIR”, short for “Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” is a motto by famous painter Pablo Picasso. I truly believe that one can create their own reality. I am an optimist, chasing my dreams relentlessly and always setting new goals. I have had numerous solo and group exhibitions within my country, and I have plans to exhibit abroad as well if I can. Besides painting, I also make various accessories (prints, jewelry, magnets, stickers etc.) with my designs. I am happy to collaborate with Diamond Art Studio. Sam and Giles are lovely and very trustworthy, they make sure I always get my share of exposure as well, thus, my creations can reach new people!

It is still a bit longer than I intended it to be, but hey, I have a lot to say about my works!


Hafsa Idrees

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Hi, my name is Hafsa Idrees and I am currently living in Germany with my little doxie. Art has always been very close to my heart and  impressionists like Van Gogh, Monet, and Klimt inspire me so much. During Covid lockdown times, I gave myself a challenge in order to avoid going insane, and dared to explore this genre mainly with finger painting. Our fingertips are designed in a perfect way to manipulate paint, create magical pieces of art and unique textures. I often use brushes too, depending on the size, subject and desired composition. I enjoy applying and developing my skills through the exploration of different subjects such as landscapes, figures, animals, and other aspects of nature. My work is predominantly in oils but I keep experimenting with other media! 

I would call my current style modern impressionist, semi-abstract and in some cases my work has post-impressionist and expressionist influences. I do not have a fixed creative process; the main idea can be an emotional impulse, a tender moment I experienced, a place that touched me profoundly or simply a dream. Colours are very important to me as I believe there is a beauty in the colourful splatter of rainbow therefore I try to use a rich palette. However, blue is my favourite colour. I hope you enjoy my art and find joy in what I create.

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My creative journey began more years ago than I care to remember with photography. I then progressed to creating highly detailed HDR processed images to bring the strong colours, depth of detail and light I wanted to the images I had captured on my camera. This then transformed my photographs it into the detailed artwork I wanted rather than photographed images. Thus began my creative journey with digital artwork and in time this took the forefront rather than my photography to bring my dreams and visions to life.

My initial inspiration to create vibrant artworks to “cheer up” the wet British weather was born of walking to and from work in the rain. I felt I needed more warmth and colour in my life to “warm up” the grey, wet and miserable weather.

Prior to covid lockdowns I danced Latin and Ballroom dance competitively and taught fusion Bellydance to a wonderful group of ladies of all ages. We worked together to inspire and support each other and successfully raised a great deal of money for charity. During this time I designed and made the costumes for myself and my dancers and this period in my life will forever hold a special place in my heart. I adored dance and working with all the bling and incredible colours creating costumes that would enhance and accentuate the movement and capture the light.

During the first covid lockdown my artwork became more important to lift my spirits as I could no longer dance. I began to bring in vivid colour with the flamboyancy of dance and elaborate costumes to create something warm and inviting giving the strong colour and movement to much of my artwork. I also draw a lot of inspiration from the variety of flowers I grow in my garden and of course we are never far from an umbrella with the British weather as it is.

It’s important to me that my images tell a story, my story. I never would have imagined that something I create to cheer myself up could be received so warmly by others. 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/helkoryo/

Etsy www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Helkoryo

Website www.Helkoryo.co.uk

Moonshaped Monday

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Ilona Stuijt is an illustrator from the Netherlands, her brand Moonshaped Monday focuses on Tarot cards, birth charts, zodiac art and anything whimsical. Her Tarot cards are part of a full deck she’s creating, which will be published upon completion. 

She specializes in watercolor, pen and digital illustrations. Since she doesn’t work with large canvasses, she manages to live the digital nomad lifestyle and spends several months of the year working abroad.

Besides Moonshaped Monday, Ilona also creates art under the names LankyArtist, which she uses for book illustrations, branding and design, and LankyRider, under which she creates anything motorcycle related. Motorcycles are her biggest passion besides art.

You can find all her brands and links to her social media accounts at:


Sarah Miles Art Studio

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Sarah Miles is a full time working artist and teacher based in Warwickshire, UK.  She is currently working on artworks for her ‘Fairy Tales and Folklore’ and ‘Wild Watercolours’ series, some of which are designs for Diamond Art Studio!

She is best known for portraying very old versions of fairy tales and folklore from around the world in paintings.  She mainly uses oils but also likes to mix other mediums in when appropriate, such as: resin, gold leaf, sand, shells, and glitter!  These paintings take Sarah months to create from the planning stages to the final piece, due to deciding: how best to portray the key elements of the stories in one picture, how to recreate the atmosphere felt from the story, how to make it beautiful even if the story is rather foreboding and scary, and how to hide elements (such as monsters) into many of the paintings.  So if you see her Fairytale & Folklore artworks, take your time when looking at these images; you may spot something unexpected!

Sarah also enjoys painting in watercolour, and creates watercolour paintings inspired by the natural world.  More and more of her watercolours are the result of walks with her son, who loves to scavenge and watch the mini-beasts. If you look closely, you may spot where Sarah has printed with natural materials such as leaevs and feathers (often picked from her son’s pockets) into the wet paint.  She says one of the most exciting stages of the painting process for the watercolours, is peeling off all the materials from the paper and seeing what marks have been left in the paint to work with!  Although equally colourful, this series has a very different style and feel to the Fairytale & Folklore series – do you have a preference?

Check out Sarah’s work on her website at: sarahmilesartstudio.com for more of her work, and let us know what you’d like next as a diamond kit!


Scott Christensen

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Scott Christensen is an Australian artist specialising in painting coastal scenes with acrylics and oils on canvas. For the past 20 years Scott has created his coastal landscapes with vibrant colour, sharp composition, and attention to every detail. His work has been described as ‘stylish, photo-realism’, ‘unique, and very Australian’. Scott’s pursuit of creating excellence in his artwork is on-going.

Paintings Prints and more here: www.scottchristensen.com.au

Online painting workshops here: www.painttheocean.com

Facebook here: www.facebook.com/scottchristensenseascapes

Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/scottchristensenartist

Tiktok here: https://www.tiktok.com/@scottchristensenartist


Sophie Bliss Kilpatrick

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Ever since I was a little girl all I wanted to do is paint. I exhibited my first piece of artwork at the grand old age of 4 and I am now lucky enough to have been a full time published artist since 2019. I am currently represented by Creative Fine Art and my originals can be found in various galleries around the UK. I work mainly with acrylics, to create vibrant and contemporary wildlife pieces that add a bit of fun, colour and character into a room. I am super excited to have joined Diamond Art Studio as one of their licensed artists, they couldn’t be nicer people to work with and I’m really looking forward to expanding my range. I hope you enjoy turning them into diamond art as much as I do creating them in paint!


Sue Gardner

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The main thing to know about me is that I am animal and bird-mad. I always have been. I enjoy painting them because I love them so much, and it makes me happy. I get a kick out of painting pictures for fellow animal lovers to enjoy.

I can’t see very well, due to a rare autoimmune condition. But I see enough to paint, and with luck, I can convey a mood and feeling without always relying on accurate details. 

I’m keen on using vivid, sometimes surprising colours. However I’m always keen to experiment and explore new things, so there’s always a chance that a new colour palette is on the horizon.

I work with a few galleries, and with a publisher, and I also license my work to gift and homeware companies. You may have seen some of my colourful designs, (often colourful Highland Cows) in boutiques throughout the UK


Tasha Lowe Art

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I’ve been working as a Freelance Artist since graduating from University in 2019 with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art. I primarily focus on Wildlife Art, but I also work in the Video Game Industry as an Environment Concept Artist. I specialise in using acrylic paints, but also love to work in watercolour, inks and digital media. I take inspiration from the natural world around us, often venturing out with a camera ready to take photos for reference material of anything I may find inspiring.